Screwed Up: Open Directory

Server is sucks when waking up from sleep. I suck too. Coz I made Server run on portables. I'm not sure of this but I think Open Directory or Kerberos service is affected by wake and sleep mechanism. There was time when my password doesn't work if I typed in immediately after the Server woke up.

Tonight something went wrong which I don't have any clue why. Failed to login even after few reboots. So I suspect the authentication system - which I'm not sure LDAP or Kerberos - might not running or maybe not even started. So I logged in as root and check the System Preferences where I found out that my usual account is gone. Now that really bothers me. I checked my home directory and fortunately it's there.

Server Admin show LDAP and Kerberos stopped. I've checked through numerous posts on the internet. There's one instruction that says to set the Open Directory role as standalone. I followed without knowing what I'm doing. And that is where I screwed up. I can't change back to the original role.

Now I have to figure out what the heck is happening. A lot messages in the logs like has got something to do with DNS. Hope someone tells me how to make the changeip happy.

amanyus:etc root# sudo changeip -checkhostname
Primary address =
Current HostName = amanyus.puj52
The DNS hostname is not available, please repair DNS and re-run this tool.

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