How you guys partition 1TB disk?

Backup done. My 1TB (with firewire) disk is ready to get restructured. For this, I really hope anyone who notice this post, to recommend, or tell their experience and self-best opinion on how should a large disk structure looks like (ignore mirroring). Starting with me..

1. Backup
2. Disc image, a size of DL DVD
3. Documents
4. VMs

Thank you for your support!

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  1. Heh 1TB is not large these days. You have RAID arrays of 1TB drives.

    Structure? Some people like LVMs for flexibility, I prefer ZFS/BTRFS for very large drive/arrays. Much easier to work with on very large drives.

    See http://kaeru.my/journal/zfs-on-freebsd-and-benefits-of-software-raid

    I find different backup strategies for different data most efficient.

    1. code/essential configs -> svn to server, server
    has additional backup mechanism
    2. important photos/videos.. DVD backup, label dates.
    You keep adding to your collection, as you don't
    need to keep burning photos/videos multiple
    times, they're unlikely to be modified.
    3. Documents, work related? store it on server with
    backups. personal? svn or rsync.
    4. Disc Images? Burn'em to DVD and file away in
    clearly labeled boxes.
    5. VMs. These are large, and continuously modified.
    Follow the above, or copy to another hard disk,
    eg. server. ZFS block device snapshots also
    can help reduce size transferred (only backup

    I think it's been noted by others, that unless you're doing archives, having a backup on an upgradable hard disk array at home, is a good option for backup. Personal archives usually are in the form of precious photos/videos, which you can burn to DVD.