mount linux nfs server on mac

add an export entry to /etc/exports
/local *(ro,insecure)

export the filesystems
# exportfs -r (optional: remove entries deleted from /etc/exports)
# exportfs -a

Darwin (OS X) :
Add an entry to netinfo. This can be done from the command line or from netinfo. See http://deaddog.duch.udel.edu/~frey/...arwinAndNFS.pdf

In netinfo, under the /mounts directory, add the following:

name remoteServer:/remoteMountPoint (this is the directory under /mounts)
vfstype nfs
dir /mount_point
opts -b net -P -s

After saving netinfo, restart NFS:

sudo killall -HUP nfsiod nfsd mountd automount

from bsdforums.org

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  1. do you have more details about the type of server and what the command was when you mounted your nfs server. I still get the following error msg:
    mount -t nfs 1remote_ip_addr:/home/sal/Music linx0/
    mount: realpath /automount/static/Users/sal/linx0: Host is down

    the following command returns: ps -aux | grep -E "nfsiod|nfsd|mountd|automount"

    root 125 0.0 0.0 29308 512 ?? Ss 7:44AM 0:00.00 nfsiod -n 4
    root 207 0.0 0.4 30336 3792 ?? Ss 7:44AM 0:02.57 /usr/sbin/automount -f -m /Network -
    root 215 0.0 0.1 29420 1020 ?? Ss 7:44AM 0:00.29 /usr/sbin/automount -f -m /automount